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About Us

Evereq in young startup, currently busy building awesome and innovative Services & Products

Startup Evereq, Inc

Evereq company was registered in the end of 2012 in USA to be legal entity behind our main product Evereq.com.

In October 2013, about a year after our company was incorporated, we become a member of the Microsoft Bizspark program.
bizspark member

We love to listen to our customers & partners and proud to do open and transparent business. So if you think we can help you with something or can partner with you some way, please give us a chance and let us know.

About Evereq.com

Evereq.com is a growing network of communities, where it is easy to Discover, Share and Organize things you care and love.

From software projects, songs you listen or products you like, to cooking, photography, events or latest news... Everything you love can be collected, discussed, nailed and shared on sites, powered by Evereq!

Exactly that's the reason we say:
"Everything Matters... Ever it!"

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Our Team

Evereq products are build by extremely tiny team in Israel. Well, to tell you the truth, currently it's one man team, working out from his home at weekends and nights, with infinite support & disruptions from his big family: Julia, 3 awesome kids, Dog Mike and Chinchilla Cone (i.e. 'pine cone', we call it just cone ... and yes, it's her shape on our logo!).

Curious? Sure, Learn more about our Team below!

Meet Our Team

We'd Evers Nailed on sites powered by Evereq: useful tools & projects we love, interesting books we read, lounge music and heavy rock we listen, crazy shots we make, amazing people we follow and everything in between. Everything Matters... And we do Ever it forever using Evereq!

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We are USA company with R&D proudly based in Israel

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Incorporated in USA

Evereq, Inc
Phone: +1 (650) 488-7777
Email: evereq@evereq.com
Web: http://www.evereq.biz

R&D in Israel

d.b.a. Evereq Israel
Konviser Ruslan
Business Number: 328872684
Phone: +(972) 523115711
Fax: +(972) 89561576
Email: evereq@evereq.com
Web: http://www.evereq.biz